Tackling Writer’s Block, One Breath at a Time

Everyone needs a Georgie. I’m blessed to know mine.

Ruth Fae
6 min readFeb 8, 2022


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Georgie, an intuitive business coach, came into my life a few years ago at a networking group for mums. Vivacious and exhausted, she arrived — late — with a newborn baby, an older-than-her-years toddler, a growing business, and a palpable joy for life.

While fascinated by her enthusiasm, I was not ready (for a whole host of reasons) to step into the depths, realities and challenges required to transform my business, or my life. But, fast forward four years and the Universe, as is its wont, threw me into a place where I turned to Georgie for guidance.

She saw the true me. (Even when I didn’t.)

She supported me with compassion injected with a serious dose of realism.

She challenged, encouraged, and called me out when it was needed.

And we ended up working together.

Writer’s Block

Recently struggling with ‘post-festive season writer’s block’ (aka, self-doubt, lack of worth, imposter syndrome, fear of stepping into my purpose — whatever you want to call it), I lamented to Georgie. Lack of time. Work commitments. Kids requiring lifts to work, friends’ houses, shops, the station, school holiday…



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