Social Anxiety: Reconnecting is easy… right?

Musings on community, connection, and change in our post-pandemic world.

Ruth Fae
5 min readApr 7, 2022


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Although my kids would beg to differ, social situations don’t come naturally to me. But, being blessed with my four cherubs meant that, over the years, I learned to love being part of our local community. In our pre-pandemic life, I was super-involved with the school PFA, kindergarten committee, school council, and my kids’ sports and dance clubs. I talked to people all the freaking time.

Chats at the supermarket.

In-depth conversations during basketball games.

Sharing of highs and lows while waiting in the playground or dance studio foyer.

Wherever we went, the kids would roll their eyes, sigh audibly, and laugh about ‘all the people mum knows’.

Then Covid happened. Months and months of lockdowns. Time spent hanging out with my kids and escaping for the odd walk with a close friend. But bugger-all social interaction.

Mid-way through 2019 I had joined a business networking group in the hope of meeting new people, generating referrals for my copywriting work, and being part of a community of



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